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Looking to get new car keys made? If yes, Rancho Bernadino CA Locksmith Store is the best name for reliable and fast services. We are one of the most well-known locksmiths in area and have earned the trust and respect of our customers through hard work and high business ethics.

What kind of car keys do you own?

No matter what kind of vehicle you own, we have the skills and the expertise to make keys for all. So, whether it is a truck or a car or a motorcycle that you want us to make a key for, you can rest assured of the best services. Here are the three major kinds of keys that we create for our customers in the region:

Transponder car keys or smart keys:

Rancho Bernadino CA Locksmith Store Rancho Bernadino, CA 858-433-5824Modern keys are equipped with transponder chips that work with the immobilizer system in your vehicle. As you insert the key in your vehicle, the immobilizer scans the data on the chip, and if the code is compatible, the door will unlock. This is excellent security for your car and prevents break-in attempts by burglars.

If you lose or damage your key, it may not be easy to get a duplicate quickly. It requires special knowhow and equipments to program them and only very few technicians can do it. At Rancho Bernadino CA Locksmith Store, we have expert professionals on board who can get new car keys made without any hassle.

Remote car keys:

Some cars operate with a remote. These are keyless systems where all you need to do is press a button on the remote to unlock your car. Are you looking for new remote car keys? We can make them for you quickly and within a short span of time. Also, we can quickly fix a malfunctioning remote too, if required.

Standard car keys:

Some older models, especially those before the 1990s still use car keys that do not contain chips. If you own such a car, we can deal with such car keys too. However, these keys do not do much to safeguard your vehicle, so to be on the safe side, you can consider upgrading your car security system.

Car keys made 24/7

No matter where you reside in Rancho Bernadino, we can come over and make you new car keys or fix any other locksmith issues. With us in charge, you can rest assured of the highest quality services that will last for a long time.

Looking to get new car keys made? Call us at 858-433-5824 today.