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Rancho Bernadino CA Locksmith Store is here to solve your security concerns regarding commercial and business needs. We are on top of the locksmithing industry when it comes to offering commercial locksmith services to business and commercial clients, and we like to uphold this tradition for years to come. It is best for business clients and owners to be in control of their assets and confidential information at all times. When there are so many as well as different types of people entering the business area, securing the area and limiting access to only trustworthy people can be a tough task. At Rancho Bernadino CA Locksmith Store, we have all the latest technology to keep your workplace safe and secure from the prying eyes out there. With our advanced lock systems, you can restrict the types of people that gain access to your valuable assets and confidential information. We also rekey or replace locks in a short time for keys that have been damaged, stolen or lost. Our team works keeping in mind the security requirements of business executives and commercial clients in Rancho Bernadino.

Some clients we work on a regular basis are mostly:

Rancho Bernadino CA Locksmith Store, Rancho Bernadino, CA 858-433-5824

  • Restaurants 
  • Office Spaces
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Schools and Universities
  • Apartments
  • Business Outlets
  • Supermarkets
  • Shopping malls
  • Parking lots
  • IT firms
  • Assisted Living Care Centres 
  • Banks

We have always tried to work in a way which will protect you from any type of theft or security risk. Our locksmiths are strictly in adherence to industry rules and regulations and are also required to continually undergo training programs to make them adept in this field of providing locksmith security services. Our locksmiths and workers have always maintained the highest standards when it comes to businesses and commercial executives and we have been able to win praises for the excellent and quality work that we deliver.

Customers can choose from a wide spectrum of commercial services that we offer:

Commercial lockouts: 

When it comes to commercial spaces, it is very important that the lockout be dealt with efficiently and as quickly as possible. Our experienced locksmiths have been attending to such situations for over a decade and are sure to solve it faster than any other locksmith in Rancho Bernadino can.

High security keys: 

If you are in need of the highest standard of security along with guaranteed peace of mind, we can provide you with accurate and high security keys which are crafted with precision and which protect your keys from being duplicated by fraudsters. 

File cabinet locks: 

Offices are places with lots of files, thereby file cabinets. The team at Rancho Bernadino CA Locksmith Store offers locksmith services to install standard locks for all your file cabinets. 

Emergency exit locks:

Your office needs to be prepared to handle emergency scenarios and for this you need fully functional emergency exit locks installed at your premises. We install new exit locks such as push bars and panic locks and also repair them if they are damaged.

Digital locks: 

The digital lock systems offered by Rancho Bernadino CA Locksmith Store in the commercial field and businesses are designed in such a manner that the property owner no longer will have to worry about the wrong people getting their hands on confidential office information. Now, you need not worry as your business assets will no longer be traded by frauds and can only be accessed by personnel holding the appropriate access code.

Highlights of our services:

Rancho Bernadino CA Locksmith Store, Rancho Bernadino, CA 858-433-5824

  • Office lockout help
  • New lock installation
  • Master key and sub master key system
  • High-security locks
  • Lock repairs
  • Replacement of old locks
  • Digital lock installation and repair
  • Key cutting and duplication services
  • Restricted keyway access
  • Magnetic locks installation
  • 360 degree security solutions
  • Keyless entry solutions
  • Emergency exit lock installation

In addition to standard security and locksmith services, Rancho Bernadino CA Locksmith Store offers services like door unlocks, lock change, repair and replacement, lock installation etc. Whatever be the need, Rancho Bernadino CA Locksmith Store pays heed to it in Rancho Bernadino unlike any other locksmithing firm. So if you own a business and need to get its security revamped with advanced locking solutions, call us and we’ll send a professional locksmith team to address your concerns!